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Zine Printing

Our goal is to get the idea from your
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Hello, you have found the Zine Printer!

Are you an established Zine looking for a better price for your next issue?
Or maybe you're launching a Zine and need help, advice or a quote before going to print?

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Welcome to the Ex Why Zed
Zine Printing Mini Site

We love Zines! The smell and feel of them fresh off the press. The aura around their stapled pages. Their cult following inspired by a determination to continually reinvent themselves and spring up in an age where print is supposedly dead. All this excites us to such a state of frenzy that we've only gone and created a Mini Site entirely in their honour!


So here you are then! A while back you woke up in a cold sweat with a smile on your face desperate to get scribbling on the new Zine idea you dreamt about. Fast forward a few weeks and you've long since wiped the smile off your face under the weight of actually designing the Zine but, lo and behold, it's finally ready to print!!


So here we are then! Ready and waiting to make your creation into a glorious Zine. One that will show the world what you've been doing behind a closed door in a dimly lit room for hour after hour, week after week. Hoards will flock to buy it en masse, critical acclaim will speedily follow from critically minded folks and you'll hastily email us for a second print run. The whirlwind journey will culminate in issue two not being designed in a dimly lit room but from the 97th floor office of your own skyscraper towering over the Buenos Aires skyline while assistants bring you freshly made Mohitos.

What is a Zine?

The Zine, in it's most simplistic form, is a creative booklet. It is a showcase to get your ideas published in a format you choose on a paper of your choice without the getting "ok" from a suited big wig.


How do you get your work noticed these days? PRINT IT! The internet might be fast and aluminium coated but it still can't compete with the joy of reading something tangible - flicking through and laughing at it befoe tucking it into your satchel and continuing your day with an extra spring in your step.

Recently seen flying off our presses we have mini golf on the Costa del Norfolk, pensioners joyriding scooters around LA and typographic studies into the effects of going without sleep for 168 hours (don't try that at home!)


Increasingly we're seeing Zines being used as self promo portfolios, as lookbooks for clothing labels or for packing full of photos from your recent round the world trip - hand them out to friends and save them the tedium of a projector slide show!



Ultimately there are very few rules for Zines - you choose the content, how you want to lay it out and we'll print it!

What can we print for you?

We are proud to print inspirational and creative Zines filled with the top design, photography, illustration and wordsmith talent in the country.


Zine printing offers a huge number of variables and it would take forever to price up every possibility so please email us with your spec and we will get a bespoke quote back to you shortly.


We are keen to make sure we quote on exactly what you would like to print so let us know:


• What size is your Zine?
• How many pages do you have?

(Your cover will be 4 pages + the inside pages?)
• What kind of finish would work best with your artwork: silk, gloss or uncoated?

• What weight of paper would you like?

• How would you like your booklet to be bound?
• And finally how many copies would you like?


Email your spec to or fill in our online zine quote form and we'll come back to you shortly with a quote.


Setting Up Your File

Our file set up pages form a comprehensive section to help, guide and relieve the hassle of file preparation. The step by step instructions are intended to act as a valuable asset for any novice or seasoned design pro ensuring your artwork meets industry standards and arrives ready for print.