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For wire stitched zines the total must be a multiple of 4, ie: 8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36

Wire Stitching: the pages are folded in half then bound with two staples on the a magazine. This is best for up to 40 pages.


For Perfect Binding you will need AT LEAST 40 PAGES for the zine to be thick enough to glue and bind. If you have less than 40 then please choose wire stitching.

Your cover stock needs to be thicker than your text pages.
We ALWAYS suggest laminating the outside of your cover if you go for 170gsm or thicker and you have a coloured background. The lamination prevents cracking when the card is folded. (If you have a white background on the cover then laminating wont be necessary because there is no ink to crack)
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